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Old City Free Walking Tour Cartagena

This is a panoramic walking tour, we don’t visit museums.
We start in Plaza Santa Teresa with an introduction to the history of Cartagena, then we visit the following Squares:
San Pedro Claver
La Aduana
The Clock tower
Plaza de la Proclamación
The Cathedral
Simon Bolivar
Santo Domingo
Plaza de la Merced

During this walking tour we talk about Piracy, Slavery, Independence, Balconies, Colonial Houses etc.

Everyday at 10:00 AM 

Language: English
Duration: 2 hour

Meeting Point:  Plaza Santa Teresa
Free Tour Cartagena Team. Colombia

Yellow Umbrella Tour.


City Tour - Cartagena de Indias

We pick you up at your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle if you stay in Bocagrande, Laguito, getsemani and old town.

We drive through the neighborhoods of Manga and Bocagrande.
We stop to visit to the Fortress of San Felipe de Barajas.
Tickets Included and the tour in the Fortress
Time for photos and the history of the place.
We drive to visit La Popa Convent. This is the maximum height of Cartagena, 150 meters above the sea level. (tickets included at the convent and info).
We ahead to walking tour in the old city. We go through the main squares and streets.
-Simon Bolivar.
-Plaza de la Aduana
-Plaza de los Coches.
-San Pedro Claver Square

Language: Spanish/English (simultaneously)

We pick you up at your hotel if you stay in Charleston Santa Teresa Hotel or any hotel in Bocagrande, Crespo, Castillo Grande and Laguito.
Departures: Everyday
Hour: 02:00 p.m.
Duration: Approximately 4 hours.
Price: 40 USD per person.
Reservation: Minimun  24 hours before departure.
Bring water and comfortable clothes.
Free Tour Cartagena Team. ColombiaYellow Umbrella Tour.

The Route of the Slave

The most complete tour in the old city because in two and a half hours we visit all the squares in the old town. (downtown and San Diego).
We start in Fernández Madrid Square and then
San Diego Square
Artillery Beach
Plaza de la Merced
Santo Domingo Square
Simon Bolivar Square
Proclamation Square (The Cathedral)
San Pedro Claver Square
Bastion of San Ignacio
Aduana’s Square
Plaza de los Coches
The Clock Tower
Centennial Park
General history of Cartagena on each square and the streets, we walk on the wall. This tour is characterized by emphasizing Slavery in Cartagena during the colonial time.


Language: Spanish
Meeting Point: Parque Fernández de Madrid
Departures: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Price: 40 USD per person (Minimum 2 people).
Reservations: Minimum 24 hours before departure.

Bazurto Market Food Tour

We meet in Plaza Santa Teresa, outside Museo Naval Del Caribe at 9:30 a.m
We take a public transportation (TRANSCARIBE) to go to Bazurto
When we get there, we will walk through a maze of alleys, where the tour guide will introduce you to all kinds of fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and meat.

You will try different fruits your tourguide will give a complete description, enjoy Cartagenian food samples (Arepa de huevo, Empanada) later drink your favorite juice before eating a delicious and typical lunch.
At the end of our staying in Bazurto Market you will enjoy a cold Costeñita Beer in a popular bar.
Duration:4 hours aproximately
This food tour includes:


  • Transport (TRANSCARIBE).
  • Fruits during the tour.
  • Colombian fruit juice.
  • Tipical Lunch.
  • Cold beer.
  • Specialized tourguide in English.


Cost: $US 30 per person
Minimun 2 people.
Free Tour Cartagena Team. Colombia
Yellow Umbrella Tour.

Language: English
Meeting Point: Plaza Santa Teresa outside Museo Navel del Caribe
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Hour: 9:00 a.m.
Price: 35 USD per person (Minimun 2 people)
Reservations: Minimum 24 hours before departure

¡Important!: See recomendations for this tour here.

Palenque Tour

This is the description of Palenque Tour.
We pick you up in your hotel in an air conditioned bus .
We drive to Palenque which is the first FREE territory of slavery in America.
50 kilometers away from Cartagena (one hour and 20 minutes away approximately) .
Its full name is “SAN BASILIO DE PALENQUE”.
When we get there, one local (palenquero) will join us for an intro of this town and then we walk through its dusty streets, detained in time interacting with its people.
We see the statue of “Domingo Benkos Bihojo”, the main leader and founder.
You will know his temperance, courage  to carry out his dream of FREEDOM for those who since almost the discovery of America were removed from their territories and enslaved in other lands.
This tour includes:

  • Transportation in air conditioned bus.
  • Specialized guide in English.
  • Local guide (Palenquero).
  • Interactions with natives (Pilanderas, weavers).
  • Introduction to the winning cookbook of the first place in the world (BEIJING CHINA 2014).
  • Introduction to the Palenquera language (BANTU).
  • Group of local musicians to sing and dance African music.
  • Tipical lunch (fried fish, mojarra frita, coconut rice, salad and drink). (Dish taken from the book awarded the best cooking book in China 2014).
  •  Souvenirs

Language: Spanish/English

We pick you up in your hotel
Departures: Wednesday and Saturday
We start at 9:00 a.m. and return 03:00 p.m.
Cost: According to the number of participants.
Reservations: Minimun 24 hours before departure.

Free Tour Getsemaní, Mural Art & Graffiti

Know the true history of Graffiti and Mural Art located in the most “cool” neighborhood in the world according to Forbes Magazine, Getsemaní.
We will walk through its streets and learn about the history of its narrow alleys, houses and squares.
After this walking tour you will understand why they always say
“I love Getsemaní”.
We will visit the following streets, among others:
La Sierpe
San Juan
Callejón Ancho.
Callejón Angosto (the umbrellas).
Calle Chancletas.
We will walk on the Walls and you will understand why it is called “El Arrabal de Getsemaní”.
We wait for you in the middle of Parque Centenario (at the foot of the obelisk) to start this wonderful tour.
Mon to Sat 4:00 PM
Make your reservations in time!


Monday to Saturday at 04:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Middle of Parque Centenario (at the foot of the obelisk).

Language: English

Old City and Getsemaní/Graffiti Tour

This is a charming walking tour of the city.
Panoramic, we don’t visit museums, we started in Plaza Santa Teresa, across from Charleston Santa Teresa Hotel. We give an introduction to the history of Cartagena, then we visit the following squares:

  • San Pedro Claver Square.
  • La Aduana.
  • Plaza de los coches.
  • Clock Tower.
  • Proclamation Square.
  • The cathedral (If it is open during the tour, you can visit it for a few minutes).
  • Plaza Simón Bolívar.

Then we headed to the Getsemaní neighborhood to see the mural art and graffiti in this area of the city.
We walk through the following streets:

  • La serpie street.
  • Callejón San Juan.
  • Plaza de la Trinidad.
  • The Wide Alley (callejón ancho).
  • Narrow Alley (umbrellas street) and among others.

We take topics such as Piracy, Slavery, independence, Balconies and Colonial Houses.

We start at 09:30 AM /04:00 PM every day.
English Spanish
Duration: 2.5 hours 

Departures: 09:00AM / 04:00 everyday.
Meeting point: Plaza Santa Teresa.

Language: English/Spanish

Duration: 2.5 hours